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The Buffalo National River

A Political and Socioeconomic Analysis

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by Jesse Alan Gordon and Susan L. Baker for the Buffalo River Stewardship Foundation
Tim Jones, Executive Director
April 3, 1995


i. Executive Summary

ii. Glossary of Abbreviations and Terminology

I. Background and Introduction

II. Financial Values

III. Economic Values

IV. Trends in Tourism and Pollution

V. Political Situation

VI. Criteria for Policy Analysis

VII. Policy Options and Recommendations


Appendix A. Profile of the BNR Watershed

Appendix B. Economic Statistics

Appendix C. Recreational Use: Levels and Trends

Appendix D. Pollution: Levels and Trends

Appendix E. Effect of Pollution on Recreational Use

Appendix F. Travel Cost Methodology

Appendix G. Intrinsic Value Methodology

Appendix H. List of persons interviewed

Appendix I. Bibliography

Appendix J. Map of the Buffalo National River

Charts & Figures


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